Veteran Programs

Please read our Registration Policies below before registering.

All participants must register no later than ten days prior to the start of camp

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Camp Tuolumne Trails/ Operation Creekside Veteran Program

Registration Policies



We are committed to you and, making your time at Tuolumne Trails a life enhancing worthwhile experience.  We have found that the best outcomes require a commitment to attend the entire program and remain engaged for the duration event.

Personal Care

Camp Tuolumne Trails is completely accessible and capable of accommodating individuals who use wheelchairs, walkers or other adaptive devices. We are very sensitive to the varied needs of our returning veterans. It is important that we understand the specific physical needs of each veteran. We are not at this point able to provide adequate care for individuals who require:

  • Nursing care
  • Medication dispersement
  • Crisis intervention


Behavioral Challenges

The following behavioral challenges are not appropriate for acceptance into camp programs.

  • Alcohol, marijuana and other related substances are strictly forbidden.
  • Individuals who are abusive to self, others, or property.
  • Individuals with an active substance abuse problem at camp.
  • A history of physical or sexual aggression.
  • Individuals who do not sleep through the night and, wander or require routine assistance throughout the night (frequent toileting, turning, etc.).

Failure to communicate any of the above behaviors or needs may jeopardize the safety of the applicant as well as staff and other campers. Individuals whose needs and/or behavioral challenges are beyond the scope of the camp’s ability to safely accommodate will be sent home immediately. 

Staffing Ratios

Applicants must be able to function safely in a group environment. Staff to camper ratios will be 1 to 4 during most times of the day.

We are not staffed for one-on-one care at this time. 

Acceptance will be determined based on overall camper care required, staff ability to meet individual needs in a safe appropriate manner and, the total amount of campers coming to camp.


Camp Registration Process

Application Processing and Session Assignment 

  • All registrations will be processed online through Activeworks, our registration partner. You will be directed to this site from our registration page once you are ready to register.
  • All applicants will receive a follow-up telephone call to review individual needs and expectations to determine that Camp Tuolumne Trails can adequately meet such needs.
  • If you would like to complete an intake form prior to registering online, please contact:   Ed McClelland at (925-260-5423).
  • Applications will be processed and sessions assigned by date received. Please note that sessions do fill up quickly and reservations cannot be secured until registration is completed and the deposit received.
  • Applications will not be processed unless the required fee is attached.
  • Acceptance notices will be sent upon receipt of all required application materials.

Policies and Fee Information 

Camp is largely paid for through the generosity of our supporters. A registration fee of $25.00 is the only cost to the participant. This fee is due at registration and is refundable with 30 day notice. This fee may be refunded at the end of camp, as long as all the camp requirements are met.  This fee may also be waived based on need and, is at the discretion of Ed McClelland.

    • Participant Fee: All camp applications must include the required fee in order to secure your space at camp.
    • Due Dates: Confirmation of attendance must be reaffirmed 10 days prior to camp attendance.


  • Training and Group sessions: At every camp there will be group and training sessions that every camper is required to attend. These sessions are short in duration and are part of the camp curriculum.