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Camp Tuolumne Trails Summer Program Registration Policies 2018


Camp Tuolumne Trails Teen and Young Adult Camp (Ages 14-22) June 24-28 ($620)

Camp Tuolumne Trails Independence Spirit Week (Adults 18 and Older) July 1-5 ($620)

United Cerebral Palsy and Friends Summer Camp (Adults 18 and Older) July 8-11 ($496)

Tuolumne Trails Hanot and Friends (Adults 18 and Older)  July 22-27 ($744)

 Nurture In Nature Youth Camp** July 29- Aug 01 ($500)

**We are collaborating with Nurture In Nature, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Their Services focus on children residing in Stanislaus, Tuolumne, Mariposa, and San Joaquin Counties. For more information about session eligibility requirements, program, and organization please contact Jeanah Nomelli-Program Director at (209) 606-9712 or/and  

*Please make note that you will be redirected from our website to the registration website hosted by ActiveWorks, however you will be able to return to our website during process if need be.


Personal Care

Camp Tuolumne Trails is completely accessible and capable of accommodating individuals who use wheelchairs, walkers or other adaptive devices. Staff are trained and prepared to provide personal care as needed, including caring for individuals who are incontinent, or who require assistance with transferring, bathing, dressing, toileting, feeding and other personal care. Please note that staff sleeps when campers sleep so applicants must have minimal nighttime needs. 

Behavioral Challenges

The following behavioral challenges are not appropriate for acceptance into camp programs:

  • Individuals who are abusive to self, others, or property.
  • Individuals with a history of running or roaming.
  • A history of physical or sexual aggression.
  • Individuals who do not sleep through the night, wander at night or require routine assistance throughout the night (frequent toileting, turning, etc.).

Failure to communicate any of the above behaviors or needs may jeopardize the safety of the applicant as well as staff and other campers. Individuals whose needs and/or behavioral challenges are beyond the scope of the camp’s ability to safely accommodate will be sent home immediately. 

Staffing Ratios

Applicants must be able to function safely in a group environment. Staff to camper ratios will be 1 to 3 during most times of the day. We are not staffed for one-on-one care at this time. 

Acceptance will be determined based on overall camper care required and staff ability to meet individual needs in a safe and appropriate manner.

Camp Registration Process

Application Processing and Session Assignment 

  • All registrations will be processed online through Activeworks, our registration partner. You will be directed to this site from our registration page once you are ready to register.
  • All applicants will receive a follow-up telephone call to review individual needs and expectations to determine that Camp Tuolumne Trails can adequately meet such needs. If you would like to complete an intake form prior to registering online, please contact Kim Bosse (Operations/Camp Manager) or Jessica Morrison(Program Director) at (209) 962-7534.
  • Applications will be processed and sessions assigned by date received. Please note that sessions do fill up quickly and reservations cannot be secured until registration is completed and the deposit received.
  • Applications will not be processed unless the required deposit is attached.
  • Acceptance notices will be sent upon receipt of all required application materials.

Policies and Fee Information 

  • Deposit: All camp applications must include the required non-refundable deposit in order to secure your space at camp.
  • Due Dates: Session fees must be paid in full prior to camp attendance (no exceptions).